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    I WISH for the earth, 

    a build-up of natural RESOURCES...


To strengthen our ability to HEAL broken-heart CYCLES, 

To create TIME/space enough for more listening/SHARING,

To feel renewed inner warmth/MELTING. 

To have ENERGY enough, for perspective SHIFT.


When we are EACH working within our ‘GIFTING’ zones, 

We are CONNECTED... to something way BEYOND self.


    I love - to LOVE... with my ALL!

    Making ART helps me to KEEP trying, 

    To FOCUS/ground, regulate, AND reach out.


Why ‘Every LAST Drop’ for a business tagline? 


    Almost EVERY thing can be re-PURPOSED! 

    Think wide/DEEP, as to INSPIRE/shine. 

    Little moments - DO add up/really matter. 


M A K I N G   /   T I T L I N G 


What lies within the PAPER/EMOTIONAL landscape?


Seek 'MISTAKES.' Strange/imperceptible blips = CLUES.

Close my eyes. FEEL the energies/MATERIALS recede/rise.


    Wallow in the in-betweens, trace the LINES.

    Think bird/worm’s eye VIEW, atmosphere.

    Find the RECOGNIZABLE. Encourage the ETHEREAL. 

    Vacillate between big picture/tiny lens.

    Rotate. BEHOLDER dependent, MANY tops/bottoms exist!


    Flow with options. PAUSE/understand when. 

    Echo, flush, FILTER - repeatedly.

    OVERLAY, but reduce the sauce... to ESSENCE.


    LINK the puzzles pieces, CONNECT the dots.

    HINT just enough, to spark the SEEING.

    Let my journey MELD with viewers’ stories. 

    Invite DISCOVERY. Further MYSTERY. Beckon DISCUSSION. 


M E D I A   /   P R E S E N T A T I O N


MESSY/dusty MARKING materials, RESIDUE leaving resists. 

Subtract/spread/blend-ABLE... LAYERS of magic.


SURFACES sought for their EXTREMES. 

Tough/fragile. HONEST texture/ORIGINAL story.

Ragged EDGES, tears/dents/folds, undulating WARPS.


Borders/mattes/frames can confine.

Play with visual weight/HIERARCHY of elements.  

Build-up the FADES/float it.


T H E M E S   /   T H O U G H T S            


Childhood CLOUD WATCHING has such visceral recollections.

Ahh, to FLY and FLOAT, both hide and migrate!


FEATHERS/eggs/beaks, spines/tails/SCALES, stems/BUDS/blossoms.

Are the EYES watching me, or am I seeing - through the PORTALS? 


    Like a MICROSCOPE, I see in PATTERN/light.

    There is so much SHAPE potential in: 

        wood grain, frozen liquid, 

        plant shadow, a mushroom’s underside, 

        a crusty spill, or the crumpled/TOSSED.


    I am frugal, SAVING way too much. 

    But I also accidentally BREAK stuff, so learn to FIX. 


    Although my SENSORIAL MEMORY is keen, 

    The part that recalls FACTS is sketchy.

    I carefully DOCUMENT/collect:

        notes/diagrams, photos/audio/video, 

        nature bits, recyclables/scraps, containers.


    My SYSTEMS are intense, SENSITIVITIES overwhelming. 

    But mostly, I DO like how/what - I sense/learn/FEEL. 


My absolute favorite ways of being? 

Being in MOTION, slow/THOROUGH, and relating 1-ON-1.

To WEAVING our lives,

    Rebecca (Schneider) Doyle. 

    A liquid line/PROCESS lover.  

    A fierce thinker/MAKER + peace/clan-KEEPER.  


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