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JACK DALE was born in St.Paul, MN and has made his home here for all but three
years. He attended The University of Minnesota on a hockey scholarship. Jack played on the 1968 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team and three years as a professional before suffering a career-ending injury. He turned his attention to art, which he had studied in college and has been painting for over 45 years.


He paints the same way he played hockey, with spontaneity, intuition and disregard. Jack approaches painting from an aesthetic point of view and has always wanted the public to remember his work for the feelings that it evokes rather than the content it may reLlect. It is in this sensorial space where intuition takes over, and the viewer Linds a place to engage on a deeply personal and powerful place.

He is always reminded of a quote he read years ago from an established artist.
It is paraphrased here. Never be afraid to ruin a painting. Nothing really good comes out of playing it safe. Jack thinks about that when approaching each new work.

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